art by Via Rose

Character Design & Illustration

Hello! My name is Via. 28 | She/Her

I'm a Mexican-American artist currently working on my Master's Degree in Animation. I'm currently working on a few unannounced projects that I hope to share with the world very soon!I've worked on multiple zine projects as an artist and coordinator and have experience designing and creating merchandise.For any business inquiries please feel free to contact me through any social media.

Terms of Service

Please read all TOS before commissioning me. Once commissioned, you agree to my terms of service.

★ I reserve the right to refuse if I feel it is out of my capabilities, but I will let you know upfront.
★ I reserve the right to post the commission on social media or use for commission piece examples.
★ Artwork commissions are for personal use only. Please credit me when using artwork social media.
★ Commercial commissions are accepted individually, and must be discussed beforehand.
★ Do not claim or copy my work.
★ TOS are subject to change without prior notice.
★ I DO NOT work in NFTs, and do not consent to my art being used as such.

Will DrawWon't Draw
☑ Fanart☒ NSFW (Sorry!)
☑ Humans/Humanoids☒ Mecha
☑ Anthro/Fursonas☒ Heavy Gore
☑ Monsters☒ Offensive Content
☑ Suggestive Content☒ OCs without reference


★ Payments are made through ko-fi at this time.
★ Kofi payment must go through before commission is started.

Refund policy

★ Cancellations are free until the first sketch is sent.
★ After the first sketch is sent, refund will be 50%.
★ One the commission is finished, payment is non-refundable.
Physical items:
★ Cancellations will be accepted until materials are purchased.
★ Once materials are purchased, refunds are not guaranteed and will be considered on an individual basis.

As always if you have any further questions you can email me at: [email protected] or message me on social media.


Status: OPEN

Make sure to read my TOS before commissioning!

Hey there! My interests are very diverse, and so is my art. So check out the different types of commissions I have available here:

Interested? Check out my stuff on ko-fi, all payments go through there!

Basic Commissions

Chibis | $40

+ Additional Characters $20 each

YCH Sparkle Gifs | $40

Fullbody Character Illustration | $75

Furry Commissions

Chibis | $40

+ Additional Characters $20 each

Design Comms | $75

Fursona Ref Sheet | $100

Vtuber Commissions

Logo/Graphic Design Comms |

Overlay Commissions

★ Static Screen/Overlay$30 each+$5 Panels
★ Animated Screen$50 each 
★ 6 Panel Set (Same Design)$30+$5 per extra
★ 6 Panel Set (Different Designs)$50+$10 per extra
★ Full Stream Package$200+$15 per animated

★ Full Stream Package includes: Main Game Overlay, Starting Screen, Ending Screen, Pause/BRB Screen, Offline Screen, and Just Chatting.
★ The Full Stream Package does NOT include animated screens. For each animated screen, there will be an additional +$15 per screen.

Static Overlays

Convention Portfolio

★ Collection of current and past merchandise for convention reference ★Current merchandise: prints, stickers, acrylic keychains, mousepads, beanies, tail & ear accessoriesPlease check out my store for full list and information!

Booth Photos